Entry: We're moving! Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dear friends,

This is just to let you know that this blog has moved to a new location. For more of Guile's musings, Mark's occasional scribbles, and Gaw's and Tessa's perpetual silence, please check out http://blog.hastang.com.

In the same strand, we proudly unveil the band's official website, www.hastang.com.

Though it has been live since December, it's only been completed recently (don't blame me) -- with new pictures (in particular, see Tessa's sexy gallery), member profiles (email me if you wish to add more interesting snippets), recent news, and more importantly, Hastang's new video.

Yup, you can now view the video through the website. Just go to Home (right after the intro movie) and click on video links. For your convenience, we uploaded 3 versions. Please choose high res if you're on a broadband connection, med res if your internet has a moderate speed, and low res if you're on a dialup.



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