buddy » again pips gud p.m. na d.i.
buddy » gud a.m. pipol
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Manoi » visit us: rhythmcentral.tt.cx
eL » wala mo gig from June 3-6? I'll be in Cebu basin I can ask my cousins to drive me to your gig.
makoy » bai Roy! Namalhin nami ug blog. Please check out: blog.hastang.com. I was looking for a place where I can leave u a message pero can't find any sa imo site. Bisita lang nya didto. Leave a message.
Roy Sencio » bai, add me link hehehe, ill add this too on mine
yan » ey, eL. guile has your email address, i think. we'll contact you.
eL » Apparently, your no. was in my SG sim which I disposed of since I got back here in Manila. I'll check the site for updates. Or you can leave a message skywriting@blogdrive
yan » hi, eL! yup, i still have the same number. the band was s'posed to fly to manila this weekend, but the trip's been postponed. we'll post some details of the 2nd leg of the manila tour soon.
list3n3r » guile is a rock star. nay, a rock god!
eL » Yan, really!? WHEN!!? Whoohoo! I hope I can make it this time! I think I still have your mobile number. I'll try to SMS you and see if that still works. ^_^
jon » do u have the video in the net? im not in the philippines.
yan » please support Hastang's new video by texting "Myx vote Oblivion" to 2366
yan » eL, how do we get in touch with you? hastang's going back to manila this feb
eL » you guys were in manila and i didn't even know... I'm so sad!!! dugay na gyud ko wala ka check dinhi.
caryl^ » hi pipol.. i mis u
red » mingaw man
yan » knock knock. update pls.
roselyn » hi ako ni imong uyab love you
yan » congratulations for your amazing performance in manila! i'm so proud of all of you. *sniff*
gen » ang galing nyo. kailan kayo babalik dito?
tin » hey got your tag on my board. hahaha. wierd saying that. anyway hope to see you play. have a good one!
yan » hala ugma na! bagyo pa gyud!
yan » guile, when it rains, it pours. *sneer*
alexa » ey mark. can't wait to see you perform in manila. pls give me a kiss after your set.
guile » thanks, rain and van .. see you both..
van » guile: see you sa 6UG sa dec 2 I will be the one, donned in fangirl splendor... salivating for the bassist of hastang... *evil laugh* iskeri hahaha.
rain » hi! saw ur message at my sister's tagboard. hope to see u play at freedom bar. i do hang out there
guile » thanks, van .. see you there..
van » guile: finally! i will sure come and see you guys play
maya » hello guile, asa inyo next gig?
baby » aaaaahh..
yan » welcome back, syat! mag-inom na taaa!
isyat » belated happy bday to ate yannie!
isyat » hi peeps...!!!! ok na ko....nigawas na ko pagmonday...pero corny gihapon...
gigs » Hastang@Kahayag: Sept. 23. Hastang@Vudu: Sept. 27. Kitakits!
guile » bisan ug na-admit, korni gihapon..
yan » nahospital si tessa! get well soon, syat!
ako gud » walay update? paita aning walay lingaw uy.
Vortex » ako pud ok ra sa sept 23. nyahahaha
guile » bai, ok ra ko september23 ..
bon » hala...hmmmm.... di na lang ko mu-comment uy.
eLa » *nisil-ip kung naa ba update*
ai ni » i love u roy
NACHO LIBRE » ..the orphans..they made me.... "nachoooooooo!"
NACHO LIBRE » hastang? never heard of that band....but i think theyre good!
kulafu » i need beer!!! Gaw, IDOL!!!!
kulafu » 45byz
eLa » Yan, I took it down months ago. Na-email ninyo 'tong usa ka contact akong gihatag?
vortex » GAW, raise the roof. Salamat, bai. Nadungagan akong hard drive! Hahahaha! ..... Akala ko ... mwahahahaha!
vortex » NEWSFLASH: Hastang members gakalat sa MABOLO... during a dawn photo shoot/ video shoot of one of the members who was mistaken for another band member ... hahahaha! Gaw, I will bow down before you.
yan » el, asa na imong blog?
eLa » Yan/Makoy will send you an email sa inyong hastang gmail.
yan » eLa! You've been missed around here! musta na?
eLa » Hastaaanggggg!!! Hastaaanggggg!!! New pics ~woot!~ Sus, dugaya nako wala ka anhi.
isyat » kuyakoy...muanhi si sassa katong gf ni rember tomorrow until thurs kay naa silay shooting...il ask if pwede ipadala nalang nato niya ang cds....il text u regarding the details..
isyat » happy bday roy an bon!!!
isyat » happy bday roy an bon!!!
yan » Happy birthday, bon!
guile » thanks for dropping by, w7od .. the release date of the debut album isn't finalized yet pero you can join our mailing list to get updates ..
joe » testing
joe » testing
w7od » hello nice sounds you got there you have real talent may binebenta ba kayo albums juz wanna know???
Jean » I MISS U GUYS!! When's the next gig!!!?!?!?!
isyat » bday ni gaw? happy bday!!!!bangka....hehehe....gmingaw na ko ninyo tanan...kanus-a ta magkita??
makoy » HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAW!!!!!!
makoy » HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAW!!!!!!
bon » hahaha! daghan naman diay ni kabuang nag last post ni guile diri. lingawa uy! hoy, nus-a ta laag sunod???? ug nus-a mo tukar sunod? gimingaw na ko da ... wala this weekend??!??
mark » hi, rhea. musta? gi-add na ka namo, ma'am!
yan » belated happy birthday, moi! we all miss you! muah, muah, muah!
rhea » hi guys. musta? i have a blog. can u link me pls? any gigs?
guile » ... distant echoes of a final kiiiiiiiiiiiiisss... paytera jud kantaha oi..
vortex » a bag of condoms or your love? mwahahahahahahaha
vortex » i miss you too isyat pero corny gihapon ka, hastang! ... that i did not miss. hehehe! i'll see you guys when i get back.
yan2x » i miss eLa. where on earth is ms.eLa?
yan2x » In a random, fleeting moment, your body will fill mine, your touch will sate me. And in that one fleeting moment, perhaps the emptiness will cave in on its own.
isyat » dugaya sa bonita hu uy...tubag na lang ko dayon..last night i dreamt of san ambo ay pedro...la isla bonita...waaahh...il surely miss u bon...thanks for the gift of friendship..and remember...
isyat » by the way..thanks gui for the update...finally
isyat » (answer sa hu's there ug follow up sa knock2x) bonita....
isyat » waaahhhh....grabe sa update...bolabog...
genee » bon, dont forget my laptop bag and CHEESE. i love cheese.
yan2x » bonita, i miss u already.
ambo » bon, ayaw ko kalimti!
yan2x » bon aka vortex: i will surely miss my favorite dishwasher. have fun in manila. don't do anything i won't. *wink* i'll see you there...soon.
vortex » don't miss me too much.... bye friends! i shall rock manila and ........ ambot lang. hahahah. wwwaaahhh. wa pa ko finish pack!! yannie man gud!
BSC » abot kamay ang langit ..... wink wink wink
donald » who's there?
isyat » knock knock....
OMD » dear diary, our honeymoon in cagayan is fun. i love my mrs. gupita . . .
isyat » naa koy prob...wa koy tingog...pagaw kaayo ko as in...good luck...
anon » dear diary...i am here...
anon » dear diary...where are you?
OMD » dear diary, i saw the sign . . .
donald » hi, gen...kanus-a ta magminyo?
teal'c » dear diary, bohol was fun!
vortex1 » celebrate good times... BOJOL!
teal'c » magunsa ta sa bojol? mag-idiot?
carter » one more night mag "strat plan" na ta!!!